Ownership/Management Team

Michael Slade, P.L.(Eng.) (Owner/Managing and Technical Director)

As Managing and Technical Director of Protrace, Mike is committed to leading Protrace’s business plan, managing contract and agreements with clients and ensuring Protrace has in place the required resources to meet project execution requirements.

Mike graduated with a diploma in Electrical Engineering Technology from the Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland, St. John’s, NL in 1994. He started his career in the engineering and design field working with a multi-national engineering firm in Halifax, Nova Scotia focusing on industrial, municipal and commercial sectors of the local market.

Mike has extensive oil and gas experience including offshore oil and natural gas projects on the east coast of Canada, refinery projects in Ontario and Quebec and upstream and downstream projects in Alberta. Mike has experience supporting greenfield and brownfield projects through all phases of project execution including front end engineering, detailed design and construction/commissioning.

At Protrace, Mike is committed to ensuring project delivery continues to meet or exceed client expectations, and that Protrace continues to operate business with integrity and transparency.

Sheemal Raithatha, P. Eng. (Engineering Manager)

As Engineering Manager, Sheemal is responsible for serving as project lead on various projects, and ensuring ethical standards set by APEGA are being followed at ProTrace. Sheemal earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Calgary in 2006. He began his career as an Electrical Engineer at a large Engineering, Procurement, and Construction firm in Calgary focusing on engineering services within the oil and gas industry. Sheemal has held many different roles throughout his career, and his field of expertise includes a wide range of duties such as electrical engineering/design, construction support, electrical equipment specifications, cost estimates and project set-up, project management, procurement and business development.

Over his career Sheemal has been the Electrical and Electrical Heat Tracing lead on several large scale projects executed throughout North America.

Sheemal is committed to ensuring project delivery aligns with client needs with a focus on providing safe, reliable, and fit for purpose engineering solutions.

Greg Partridge, P.L.(Eng.) (Technical Advisor)

As Technical Advisor, Greg is involved with the review of projects to ensure that the most effective solutions are provided for each client’s unique requirements.

Greg earned an Electrical / Electronic Engineering Technology diploma (Power option) from the University College of Cape Breton, Sydney Nova Scotia in 1994. He started his career working in an engineering firm in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia focusing on the industrial and commercial segments of the local market.

Opportunities within the oil and gas industry led him to Calgary in 1996, where he joined a local engineering, procurement and construction firm. His professional focus at the firm was on electrical design activities and team management roles relating to engineering services within the oil and gas industry in Alberta. During this time he also accepted several field assignments to support engineering and construction activities at site, and eventually went on to become the Heat Tracing Principal design lead. Greg has worked on both large and small scale projects within the oil and gas industry including the offshore sector.

Greg’s current focus is to ensure that ProTrace continues to provide clients with the best fit for purpose engineering solutions available in our industry today.

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