Electrical Heat Tracing

We specialize in electrical heat tracing engineering design, product selection, and computer-generated drawing and installation packages. This includes a high quality optimized design that considers such things as: materials selection, maintainability, operability and cost. Our services also include field engineering and Q.A support during the construction and commissioning phases of a project.

Our services provide a project execution strategy, which includes a very detailed 6 step process, addressing our clients’ concerns and ultimately achieving their overall goals.
Some of the benefits realised by utilising our Electrical Heat Tracing (EHT) services include:

  • An experienced design team, with a proven track record in executing large projects.
  • Unbiased engineering without influence or allegiance to any single manufacturer.
  • Upfront cost savings, through our level of expertise in EHT.
  • Ensuring all design issues are under the control of the design engineer and are not incorporated by construction personnel without the scrutiny and understanding of design philosophies already established.
  • Expertise in construction workflow execution, resulting in higher module/field labour efficiencies, all contributing to a lower TIC (Total Installed Cost).
  • Design changes through to final completion of the project are captured and documented.
  • Transparent communications between engineering, manufacturing and construction.

Ultimately, we offer our clients peace of mind knowing that the Electric Heat Tracing design in their facility has been centered on safety, the environment, and the overall success of their project.

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