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North West Redwater Partnership Sturgeon Upgrader/Refinery
The North West Redwater Partnership is a joint venture between North West Upgrading Inc. and Canadian Natural Resources Limited. The partnership targets the building, management and operation of a 150,000 bpd bitumen upgrader/refinery over three phases in Alberta’s Industrial Heartland, Sturgeon County.

ProTrace Engineering is currently involved in the first phase of this project providing the engineering design of the construction power system. In addition, we will provide electrical engineering services which include specification, single line diagram development and power system studies.  Due to the complexity and size of this facility, ProTrace has introduced some innovative concepts into the design of the construction power system including:

  • Redundant utility supplies, reducing construction down-time.
  • Provision for power to permanent electrical buildings during field erection and commissioning, providing cost savings and efficiency during  peak construction.
  • Emergency back-up of critical areas such as medical facilities and communication systems in the event of a complete power outage.

We’ve recently teamed up with Sumac Fabrication and MMR Canada, which specialize in the fabrication, construction and operation of the construction power system. Sumac Fabrication has their own unique line of products that sets them apart from other manufacturers.  MMR Canada has the qualified resources, manpower and oil sands project experience dedicated to construction, commissioning and maintenance, as well as an outstanding safety program. Aligning our services with these companies allows us to provide the best possible design, contractor-friendly temp power equipment, and the cost certainty that the North West Redwater Partnership is looking for.




Osum Oil Sands Corp. (Osum)

Osum Oil Sands a junior oil sands company pursuing a commercial in situ project in the established Cold Lake area of Alberta.  They are currently in the detailed engineering phase of the Taiga Lake Project, which is anticipated to produce up to 45,000 bpd.

ProTrace Engineering is currently engaged with OSUM on this project.  We will provide Electric Heat Tracing (EHT) engineering services for all process areas including; the Central Processing Facility (CPF), Salt Caverns, Well Pads, and Pipelines.  As part of these engineering services we will be providing:

  • Front end engineering project setup:
    • Corporate specification and installation detail development
    • Project management
    • Product evaluation
  • Detailed engineering deliverables:
    • EHT zone drawings
    • Instrument tube bundle schedules
    • EHT layout drawings (ie, location plan drawings)
    • MTO’s for heating cables and bulks
    • EHT set-points schedule
    • EHT communications block and wiring diagrams
    • Panel schedules
    • Wiring diagrams and termination schedules
    • Cable schedules
    • Engineering/construction work packages
    • Materials management & procurement technical support
  • Field engineering services:
    • Construction support
    • QA test procedures and test sheets
    • Construction work-flow procedures
    • Commissioning and facility start-up support

Osum has dedicated a great deal of focus on the engineering phase of the project (philosophies, operability and constructability), which provides the highest influence to the project with the least investment.  ProTrace Engineering maintains this philosophy on all of its projects. We are excited and committed to achieving these common goals and making this partnership with Osum Oil Sands Corp. a success.

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