Construction Power

Construction power infrastructure is essential to support the major construction effort and future maintenance of the permanent facility. This includes all aspects associated with contractor temporary power requirements, lighting, construction camps and facility infrastructure such as:

  • office complexes
  • construction trailers,
  • training and orientation facilities
  • security gates
  • wash cars
  • lunch rooms
  • medical treatment facilities
  • brass alleys
  • maintenance & fabrication shops
  • crane yards, laydown areas

Temporary construction power is often left up to a general contractor, and typically becomes another project in itself leading to issues with managing cost and maintaining schedule.

With proper planning, your facility’s construction power system can be executed on budget leaving a minimal amount of work to be done in the field. We understand the criticality of the temporary construction power system which starts in the early engineering phase of the project. We have the expertise when it comes to providing the necessary project management and engineering to ensure the system is fit for purpose, is reliable and safe.

Some of our specialized services include: Arc Flash studies with proper labeling requirements and Grounding studies for the temporary power system.  These services ensure the protection of our client and their contractors. Our project management expertise ensures that the temporary construction power engineering we provide is integrated with the permanent facility’s engineered requirements. This ensures alignment with the utility provider and contractors.

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