Corporate Overview

ProTrace Engineering Inc. offers a full range of electrical engineering and design services. Our team of professionals are experienced in all areas of electrical engineering activities within the industrial sector and in a wide range of markets including: oil & gas, petro-chemical, power generation, transportation and mining.

Our company is focused on providing specialized services which frequently cause significant challenges to our clients in the areas of: Electric Heat Tracing, Construction Power and Power System Protection. These engineering services are rarely given the attention they require; although, if not executed properly the impacts to cost and schedule can be significant during the engineering, construction and operational phase of any major industrial project.
At ProTrace, we recommend the most fit for purpose designs for our clients that considers: optimization, cost savings, maintainability and operability. We are committed to fresh, innovative thinking, working with safety and the environment as an integral way of doing business.
Our professionals are here to help you through each phase of your project, saving you money and achieving overall success.

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