Power System Protection

ProTrace Engineering provides power system protection and study services.  These services range from large coordinated power distribution systems in the early detailed engineering phase of large projects to smaller retrofits during the maintenance and operation of the permanent facility.


On larger projects, where multiple engineering contractors are utilized, ProTrace Engineering provides specialized services to ensure fit for purpose protection philosophies from the power system modeling/application through to relay settings. This is to ensure they are consistent and coordinated in one design that spans across the entire project. The importance of such systems becomes evident during the commissioning, maintenance and operation stages of the facility.  Although, planning of these activities is completed during the early engineering design phase, it becomes more difficult with multiple engineering contractors.


Smaller retrofits require the same engineering expertise as provided for large scale projects; however, they also require streamlined management.  This management sets ProTrace Engineering apart from our competitors. During the maintenance and operation of the permanent facility, we ensure our work is aligned with the goals of our clients.

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